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5 out of 5 star.
5 out of 5 star.


5 out of 5 star.

5 out of 5 star.


What is TASKAJI?

Web Matching service which
connect Individuals who wants to work as independent housekeeper
and Individuals who need housekeeping services

Because of the direct contract, you can cut the big margin for housekeeping agency. Try and find your housekeeping/ childcare partner among variety of TASKAJI-san.

What can we ask?






Cook Ahead

Pet Care





OK to feed the dog inside,
NG to take a walk the dog


OK to play inside or read books with parents accompanied,
NG to feed baby and sick child’s special care

* : 

The contents of the work will be different depends on the priority of your requests, the condition of the room and room layout.

Good points of TASKAJI

Reasonable price!

1,500 JPY/ hour, cheapest price level in the industry


TASKAJI Office will help you to make direct contract.


ID check
including visa

Review from
other users

Support center


Just input your station name and you will find the list of housekeepers who can come to that area. TASKAJI Office will support to make contracts and credit card payment.

TASKAJI’s specialty


Variety of nationalities including Philippines, they are famous as world-class high quality housekeepers. Many of TASKAJI-sans speak good English.

Message from CEO

TASKAJI is “housekeeping sharing service” which was launched in 2014. I was a full time working mother and I found this needs of this service through my own experience.

Nowadays the number of double income family is increasing and many families try to solve the problem of lack of manpower for housework by themselves. As the result, the burden of housekeeping is on female’s shoulders mainly and it will prevent for female to have career up, relaxed lifestyle, and having quality time.
In order to let them have better work–life balance, housekeeping sharing is required. It may between partners and families, and also outsource is other option.
Outsource housekeeping was not common in Japan and was not very easy. I wanted to make a safe system which people can easily get high quality housekeeping service with reasonable price like overseas. That’s why I made this TASKAJI service.


Sachiko Wada

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TASKAJI-san: How to use


・Attend orientation and interview
・Profile registration
・On the job training


ID verification


Reply to the request OKNG


Conduct housekeeping service


Salary payment
to the bank account

User Guide (FAQ)

●Where is the service area?

Currently the service area is East Japan (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama) and West Japan (Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Wakayama, Nara and Shiga). There are some areas no service is available even in the service area. We are planning to expand the area. To check whether there are any TASKAJI-sans available in your area, just input your closest station’s name in the search box.

●How much is the service?

There are three price ranks. According to the average number of stars of reviews, each TASKAJI-san is allowed to decide their service price.
There are two kinds of contracts [Onetime] and [Repeat(Weekly/Bi-weekly)]. Repeat order is more reasonable price.

*You must use 4 times on every 2 month on Weekly/Bi-weekly order.
*Hourly price including tax, actual transportation fee will be charged separately
*Each service will be in 3 hours. If you want to use over 3 hours, you should order contiguous two block.
*You chan use shorter than 3 hours, but there is no discount.

Repeat order(Weekly/Bi-weekly)
Rank0 1,500 JPY/hour
Rank1 1,850 JPY/hour
Rank2 2,300 JPY/hour

One time order
Rank0 1,850 JPY/hour
Rank1 2,300 JPY/hour
Rank2 2,600 JPY/hour

●Service hours are fixed?

Yes, there are 3 time ranges. Each service is 3 hours fixed.
AM: 9:00-PM12:00
PM: 13:00-16:00
Night : 18:00-21:00
If you would like to shift the starting time, please make a reservation and ask directly to TASKAJI-san through TASKAJI message future.
If the schedule doesn’t match, you are free to cancel the reservation with no charge up to 72 hours prior to the service starting time.

●What job category can we ask?

Cleaning, organize, laundry, shopping, cooking, cook ahead, pet care (inside) and child care (parents accompanied). Each TASKAJI-san’s available job category is different, so please check in each TASKAJI-san’s profile page.

●What types of people are registered as TASKAJI-san?

So many people with different backgrounds, such as experienced Philippine housekeepers, students from overseas, housewife and etc. Some of them speak very good Japanese and English and some of them don’t. Please refer the profile page for background and appeal points.

●For the TASKAJI-san’s registration, do you conduct any interviews or trainings?

Yes, we conduct 1-hour interview and orientation; at that time TASKAJI office check ID and VISA status. After the self-training with training video, we conduct 3 hours on the job training at the test center and test center will put the first review.

●What should we prepare to receive TASKAJI-san?

Please prepare cleaning equipment. TASKAJI-san will use your cleaning items and will not bring any special equipment or cleaners with them. (Link to an example of the product).

*Required items
Overall: 5-6 towels, tissue, vacuumed cleaner, old tooth brush
Kitchen: detergent, kitchen cleaner, dish sponge, sink sponge
Toilet: Toilet cleaner, toilet brush, toilet wet cleaning sheet
Bathroom: Bath cleaner, sponge, brush

*Items better to have
Melamine sponge
Microfiber cloth

●For what will the damage insurance be applied?

It will be applied to the damage of property and people hurt by TASKAJI-san in the service hours of the TASKAJI service category (cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, pet care (inside) and child care (parents accompanied). Maximum amount the insurance will pay is 10 million JPY for property and 100 million for people hurt by TASKAJI-san. In case those accidents happens, please take picture of it and inform to TASKAJI support center.

●Until when can we make the reservation?

Up to 72 hours prior to the starting time is available for making reservations.

●Cancellation policy?

There is 2 type of cancellation charge.
1. Just before cancellation (For onetime & repeat order)

Reservations canceled less than 72 hours before the service starting time will incur the following charges:

72-24 hours prior to the service 50% of service fee
After 24 hours prior to the service 100% of service fee
*Example: Order start form Saturday AM9:00, cancellation after Wednesday AM9:00 will incur.
 Wednesday AM9:00~FridayAM9:00: 50% of service fee
 FridayAM9:00~ 100% of service fee

2. Cancellation of repeat order (For repeat order)
You can cancel weekly order 2 times in every month without charge. (You can cancel bi-weekly no order without charge.)

Repeat order cancel charge:
¥1,200(*) per one cancel.
Please refer detail from here

*About repeat cancel charge:
This charge amount is set for the difference between onetime order and repeat order.

●Can I get a trial?

There is no trial menu but there is one time order.
Why don’t you try 2-3 TASKAJI-san to see how they are? If you like one of them, make the repeat order (weekly or bi-weekly) to her for constant requests with more reasonable price.

●Can I ask housekeeping service while I am out of home?

Yes only if your TASKAJI-san agrees.
It’s highly recommended to build trust first with several orders. If the TASKAJI-san loose the key which you leave her and have damage by third parties, it cannot be covered by the damage insurance.

●Are there any recommendations for the security?

Please keep and lock valuable items* in the safe with your responsibility in order to prevent troubles.
*Valuable items: such as passport, credit card, bank ATM card, accessories more than 5,000 JPY, 500 yen coins…