The terms and conditions of use shown here (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") set forth the terms between TASKAJI Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the customer assigning to house keepers through this Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Client(s) ") of “TASKAJI” (https://taskaji.jp) (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), which is provided by the Company.
Article 1 The Content of This Service
This Service matches the Clients who wish to request the housekeeping services with housekeepers (hereinafter referred to as the “TASKAJI-san”) that meet the desired conditions of the Clients.
Article 2 Agreement
  1. The Clients shall use the Service in accordance with terms set forth in Terms and Conditions here. The Clients may not use the Service without an effective and irrevocable agreement to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. By using the Service, the Clients are considered to have made an effective and irrevocable agreement to the Terms and Conditions.
  3. If any part of the Service contains a separate set of Terms and Conditions, the Clients shall agree to those terms in addition to the Terms and Conditions to use the Service.
Article 3 Registration
  1. When registering information of the Client, the Client shall provide true, accurate, and complete information required, and be obligated to update this information to reflect any changes.
  2. One person may not possess multiple accounts for the Service without the Company's approval.
  3. Minors (under 20 (twenty) years of age) may not register as a Client, regardless of the consent of their legal parent or guardian.
  4. The Company reserves the right to refuse a Client’s registration if the Company determines that the Client falls under, or is likely to fall under, any of the following items. In addition, accounts may be suspended or deleted without prior notice, even after registration. The Company is under no obligation to provide explanation and shall not be held responsible for any such response. The Client shall promise to the Company at the time of and after registration that the Client does not fall under any of the following items.
    1. Any falsehood, error or omission in all or part of the registration, documents submitted or reports provided to the Company.
    2. Persons (including companies) the Company considers as an antisocial force may not register as a Taskaji-san. "Antisocial force" in the present section shall mean an organised crime group, a member of organised crime group, a quasi-member of organised crime group, a related company or association of an organised crime group, racketeers who threatens to disrupt stock-holder's meetings, groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns or political activities and crime groups specialized in intellectual crimes, and other antisocial forces. Such shall include those who were an antisocial force in the past.
    3. Past and present convictions (except for minor traffic offenses). In the event that Taskaji-san has been convicted of a crime, and the Company determines that it is inappropriate to use the Service in view of the content of such conviction.
    4. A Client’s registration has been rejected or cancelled by the Company in the past.
    5. The Client has requested services that are contrary to, or deviate from, these Terms of Use or the services specified on this site.
    6. It is determined that there is a possibility of communication difficulties between the contracted partner and the Company.
    7. It is judged that there is a possibility of the Client incurring harm or danger to TASKAJI-san or the Company.
    8. In any other case where the Company deems the Client’s registration to be inappropriate.
  5. The Client is deemed to have agreed to receive SMS text messages relating to the Service from the Company or the TASKAJI-sans whom the Client wish to request the house keeping service through the Service, to the telephone number he or she has registered for the Service.
  6. When creating a password to use the Service, the Client shall be responsible for the security of their password. The Company can consider any and all actions conducted using a password as the actions by the Client associated with that password.
  7. The Client registered with the Service may delete their account and withdraw at any time.
  8. The rights and obligations of the Client under these Terms of Use are exclusive to the Client, and in the event of the Client’s death, the account will be suspended and subsequently deleted.
  9. TThe Company reserves the right to suspend or delete an account without prior notification to the Client, if the account has or is likely to violate their agreement to Terms and Conditions.
  10. The Company reserves the right to suspend or delete the account of the relevant Client if said Client, his/her guarantor or family member, or any other related party makes any unreasonable inquiry or request to TASKAJI-san or to the Company, or engages in any other conduct that interferes, or may interfere, with the use of the Service by other users.
  11. The Company may delete accounts that have not been accessed for over 6 months (since the date of their last request) without prior notification to the Client.
  12. All user rights of the Client within the Service will extinguish whenever their account is deleted. Deleted accounts cannot be recovered, even if the Client deleted their account by mistake.
  13. An account in the Service belongs uniquely to the Client. All user rights of the Client within the Service may not be transferred, lent, or inherited.
Article 4 Requests for Housekeeping Services
  1. The Clients may request housekeeping services by searching through the TASKAJI-san for those who meet the client's desired criteria. Requests come in two types, "One time" and "Weekly (Bi-Weekly)", one of which is to be chosen by the client.
  2. The TASKAJI-san shall decide whether or not to accept a certain request for the Services within 24 hours of receiving that request, after which they shall respond to the relevant Client. If the TASKAJI-san fails to respond to a Client within 48 hours of accepting that Client's request, then the acceptance of that request by the TASKAJI-san will be nullified.
  3. A two-party contractual agreement for housekeeping services will be deemed established between the Client and the TASKAJI-san the moment the TASKAJI-san accepts a request from the Client. Our Company solely provides a matching service between the TASKAJI-san and the Client, and is not a party to such contractual agreements or any other such contracts.
  4. The TASKAJI-san and the Client may cancel or change their contract even after the contract for housekeeping services is established between the TASKAJI-san and the Client. However, changes may not be made starting 1 hour before the designated start time of housekeeping services, cancellations may not be made starting 72 hours before the designated start time of housekeeping services, and cancellations shall not be made unless absolutely necessary.
  5. The Clients shall resolve any trouble that arises between the Client and the TASKAJI-san with a sufficient understanding that the contractual agreements they enter into with the TASKAJI-san for housekeeping services are a direct contract between only the Client and the TASKAJI-san, and the Clients shall agree not to burden our Company with formal complaints, etc. However, when our Company decides that it is necessary for the smooth operation of this Service, the Company may act as a mediator for trouble, etc., that has occurred between the Clients and the TASKAJI-san.
  6. The Clients shall not directly request housekeeping services from the TASKAJI-san met through introductions by our company without prior written consent from our Company even after the contract period for the contractual agreement established between the Client and the TASKAJI-san ends. In the case that the Client is found to have directly requested housekeeping services from the TASKAJI-san without the consent of our Company, then the relevant Client shall pay 300,000 yen as a penalty for breach of contract.
Article 5 The Content of Housekeeping Services
  1. The content of housekeeping services to be provided by the TASKAJI-san is comprised of the following tasks: cleaning, organize, washing, grocery shopping, cooking, cook ahead, care for pets (indoor), and care for children (with guardian present).
  2. Pet care covers indoor work only; the housekeeping services do not cover outdoor work or walking. Additionally, pet sitting and any work that involves direct contact with pets is not covered by housekeeping services.
  3. Childcare services must be performed in the presence of the parent or guardian. Any work without the parent or guardian present or watching over the child without the parent or guardian present is outside the scope of housekeeping services. In addition, even when the guardian is present, work that is within the scope of babysitting (direct contact with the child, assistance with feeding and bathing infants, nursing infants in case of illness, outside work including transportation, and other work that the Company deems inappropriate) is not covered by our housekeeping services.
  4. Work that is clearly beyond the scope of daily housework, work that falls under the category of house cleaning, work that requires specialized skills, and any other work we deem inappropriate, such as work that is separately defined as not covered by the FAQ, etc. published by the Company, are not covered by our housekeeping services.
  5. The Clients shall cooperate with the TASKAJI-san as much as possible so that the TASKAJI-san is able to carry out their housekeeping tasks smoothly. For example, if the TASKAJI-san becomes lost on the way to the Client’s home, please give directions on how to proceed using the telephone, etc.
  6. If the TASKAJI-san is late to the designated time for providing housekeeping services, then the TASKAJI-san will contact the Client in advance by telephone or through the messaging function of this Service.
  7. Any trouble that results from the loss of keys or the failure of the Client to be present at the designated service time, any other trouble that occurs during or as a result of housekeeping services, or any damage incurred by the Client or the TASKAJI-san is to be resolved between the relevant parties, the TASKAJI-san and the Client, and our Company cannot be held responsible in any way.
  8. Should a Client need help or assistance from a physician or other professional staff for daily work or communication due to illness or disability, and the Client requests that his/her family and/or professional supporting staff be present after consulting with his/her physician or other professional supporting staff, the Client may then request housekeeping services and TASKAJI-san will perform those duties in the presence of the family and professional staff.
  9. In the event that TASKAJI-san or the Company reasonably determines that the contents of a request by the Client exceed or lies outside the framework of outsourceable domestic work as provided in Paragraphs 1 through 4 (for example, including, but not limiting to, instances when TASKAJI-san is requested to clean a large mass of dead insects in the Client's home, the excrement and urine of pets, so much rubbish that even entering the space is difficult, etc.), TASKAJI-san shall immediately terminate the Housekeeping Service Agreement (as defined in Article 4.3.; the same shall apply hereinafter) between TASKAJI-san and the Client and cease conduct of the housekeeping services. Additionally, the Company, on behalf of TASKAJI-san, may immediately terminate the Housekeeping Service Agreement and instruct TASKAJI-san to cease the housekeeping services.
    In such cases, the Housekeeping Service Agreement shall be treated in the same way as if the Client himself or herself had cancelled the Agreement within 24 hours prior to the start of the provision of services as specified in Article 8.2.
Article 6 Review and Acceptance Inspection
  1. The Client shall conduct an evaluation of the relevant housekeeping (hereinafter referred to as the "review") after completion of the housekeeping work by the TASKAJI-san. In the event that the Client is not present at the time of the housekeeping work by the TASKAJI-san, the Client shall conduct the review within 48 hours of the completion of the housekeeping.
  2. At the time of the review by the Client in the preceding paragraph, the acceptance inspection of the housekeeping by the TASKAJI-san shall be considered complete, and the relevant housekeeping service shall be considered finished.
  3. If determining that the housekeeping work by the TASKAJI-san is not complete, the Client shall indicate in the review the fact that it is not complete. In response to this, Company may confirm the situation and determine whether or not the acceptance inspection is complete.
  4. The Client may not object to the determination made by our company with respect to whether the housekeeping work by the TASKAJI-san has been completed.
Article 7 Payment
  1. The Client pays the fee designated by our Company for the housekeeping work to our company (for details, please see below.). Our Company pays the remainder of the fees to the TASKAJI-san after deducting the Service usage fees designated by our Company (for details, please see here)
  2. The Client shall pay the housekeeping work fees to our Company immediately after completing the review. The payment method is by credit card only.
  3. The Company may terminate use of the Service by the Client if payment for the housekeeping service cannot be settled by credit card even once, or in the event that the Company is unable to bill the Client by the due date regardless of additional usage fees.
  4. The Client shall pay the TASKAJI-san the transportation fees from the closest train station to the site of the housekeeping, and from the site of the housekeeping to the closest train station (however, transportation fees for bus routes affiliated with our company shall be borne by the TASKAJI-san). These transportation fees shall be paid in cash from the Client to the TASKAJI-san on the day of the housekeeping work by the TASKAJI-san, before the housekeeping work begins. The Client must prepare the exact transportation fees so there is no change.
Article 8 Cancellations, etc.
  1. The Client may cancel or change the contract even after forming a contract for housekeeping work with the TASKAJI-san. However, 1 hour before the start of the housekeeping service absolutely no changes may be made, and cancellations of 72 hours before the start of the housekeeping service may not be made except due to unavoidable circumstances.
  2. If the Client cancels the contract for housekeeping work with the TASKAJI-san in less than 72 hours before the start of the work due to unavoidable circumstances, the Client shall pay the cancellation fee to the Company. For the cancellation fee, if the Client cancels the service on his/her own, he/she shall pay 50% of the planned usage fees (excluding transportation costs). If the Client cancels in less than 24 hours before the start of the work or without warning (does not cancel the housekeeping work by the TASKAJI-san before its start time), he/she must pay 100% of the planned usage fees (also excluding transportation costs.) In the case of cancellation in less than 24 hours before the start of the work, the Company will pay 50% of the amount in the case of the TASKAJI-san complete his / her work.
Article 9 Privacy etc.
The Company shall appropriately handle the Client’s private and personal information in accordance with our Company’s Privacy Policy and all laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information.
Article 10 Prohibited Matters

As well as those matters prohibited separately under the Present Convention and information for users or FAQ, the Client is prohibited from the following items while using the Service. And the Client must observe them permanently notwithstanding the reason.

  1. Actions that violate laws, decisions or orders by court, or administrative measures with legal binding force.
  2. Actions such as eavesdropping, taking photographs without TASKAJI-san’s consent and other acts that fall under criminal punishment.
  3. Actions that may violate public order or morals.
  4. Actions that infringe on the Company's or a third-party's legal or contractual rights, including copyright, trademark rights, patent and other intellectual property rights, reputation rights, and privacy rights.
  5. Possession of multiple accounts for the Service without the Company's approval.
  6. Reproducing or copying all personal information obtained in relation to this Service without the Company's permission, and retainment of such information even after the contract is concluded.
  7. Use of all personal information obtained in relation to this Service for any purpose other than the use of this Service.
  8. Exchanging TASKAJI-san's email address, LINE information, or other messaging platform information, and contacting TASKAJI-san, except through the messaging function of the Service that has been approved by the Company. However, calling or sending SMS in the event of an emergency using a phone number whose information is disclosed only within the term of the relevant housekeeping service contract is an exception to this clause.
  9. Posting or submitting excessively violent expressions, crude sexual expressions, expressions that lead to discrimination by race, nationality, beliefs, gender, social status, or place of residence or birth, expressions that induce or encourage suicide, acts of self-harm, or drug abuse, and other expressions containing antisocial content that can make others feel uncomfortable.
  10. Posing as the Company or a third-party, or intentionally spreading false information.
  11. Acts of harassment, discrimination, slander, or acts that damage the reputation or credibility of the Company, other clients, or TASKAJI-san.
  12. Actions other than those set by the Company that exchange user rights of the content with cash, property or other economic profits.
  13. Directly concluding a contract for housekeeping services and paying remuneration to TASKAJI-san through this Service, without prior written approval from the Company.
  14. Using the Service for purposes, or for the preparation of purposes, unintended by the Company, such as sales, advertisement, soliciting, and other for-profit acts, except with prior written permission from the Company.
  15. Violence, threats, intimidation, and other similar words and actions.
  16. Sexual harassment or other obscene language or behavior, as well as acts that involve physical contact, sexual acts, acts for the purpose of obscenity, or acts for the purpose of meeting or dating a person of the opposite sex whom one has not known previously.
  17. Use the Service for any other purpose that is contrary to the intended use of the Service.
  18. Acts of cooperation with anti-social forces, including supply of profit.
  19. Political activity, religious activity, or solicitation for religious organizations, pyramid schemes, etc.
  20. Illegally collecting, publicizing or providing personal information, registered information, or usage history of other people.
  21. Repeatedly asking the same questions to TASKAJI-san beyond what is reasonably considered necessary, contacting TASKAJI-san early in the morning or late at night, making unreasonable inquiries or requests to other parties, or any other acts that interfere with or hinder other users' use of the Service.
  22. Actions that hinder the network system of the Service, illegally operating the Service using technical measures such as bots and cheat tools, intentionally exploiting flaws in the Service, making unreasonable requests or inquiry to the Company (such as repeating the same question more than necessary), and other actions that obstruct the Company's operation of the Service or other TASKAJI-san's use of the service.
  23. Actions that support or induce actions stated in above (1) to (22).
  24. Actions otherwise deemed inappropriate by the Company.
Article 11 Responsibilities of the Clients
  1. The Clients shall be completely responsible for their use of the Service, actions they perform on the Service, and results of their actions. While housekeeping service is provided, the Client shall store valuables in a locked place at his / her own risk so as not to cause trouble such as loss.
  2. In the event that the Client using the Service is violating the terms, the Company shall take necessary and appropriate action. However, the Company shall not be obligated to prevent or correct those violations.
  3. The Client shall immediately compensate any direct or indirect damages caused to the Company (including legal fees) caused by using the Services (including claims by third parties caused by the Client's use of the Service), as demanded by the Company.
Article 12 Modification of the Terms and Conditions
The Company may modify the Terms and Conditions when the Company deems necessary, without providing prior notice to Users. The modification will become effective once the modified Terms and Conditions is posted on an appropriate location within the website operated by the Company. Users shall be deemed to have granted valid and irrevocable consent to the modified Terms and Conditions by continuing to use the Service. Users shall refer to the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis when using the Service, since a separate notification regarding the modification to Terms and Conditions may not be provided.
Article 13 Service provision by the Company
  1. The Clients using the Service shall be responsible for preparing and paying for necessary resources, such as a personal computer, a mobile phone, telecommunication equipment, an operating system, a means of communication and electricity.
  2. The Company may limit provision of the Service to the Clients that meet criteria deemed necessary by the Company, such as age, identity verification, registration of some information, etc.
  3. The Company may change part of, change all of, or discontinue provision of the contents of the Service without prior notification to the Clients, whenever deemed necessary by the Company.
Article 14 Contents
  1. The Company shall bestow upon the Clients un-transferable, un-sublicensable, non-exclusive user rights for content provided by the Company, for the sole purpose of using the Service.
  2. The Clients shall not use the content of the service beyond the programmed modes of use (including, but not limited to copying, transferring, reprinting, or changing any part of the contents).
  3. The Clients shall be responsible for backing up their own posted photos, text, and comments (hereinafter referred to as “posted content”). The Company shall not be obligated to back up the Client's posted contents.
  4. The Clients shall retain their rights on their posted contents, and the Company shall not gain these rights. However, by posting posted contents, the Clients are considered to have agreed to the Company using the posted content for service and promotion purposes (including the right for the Company to edit this content appropriately when necessary) at no cost, for an unlimited time, without geographic limitations.
  5. When necessary to confirm compliance to laws or terms, The Company may check the content of posted content. However, the Company shall not be obligated to perform such checks.
  6. The Company shall reserve the right to limit use of posted content on the service without prior notification to the Clients, by means such as deleting posted content, when the Company deems posted content as violating laws or terms of use or as otherwise necessary.
Article 15 The Company's exemptions
  1. The Company takes care to examine the registered information related to the TASKAJI-san, however we make no guarantee to the Client of its trustworthiness or accuracy. Our company takes absolutely no responsibility to the Client for any damages occurring based on this information.
  2. The contract for housekeeping work between the Client and the TASKAJI-san is left up to the responsibility of the two parties. Our Company takes absolutely no responsibility for any damages occurring due to that contract. However, if there is some dispute between the two parties, and if our Company determines that there is a reasonable basis for the complaint, our Company may mediate the dispute through measures such as the deletion of the registration of the TASKAJI-san or the Client.
  3. The Company does not clearly state nor imply that the service (including this content) shall be guaranteed to be free of actual or legal defects (including safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, compatibility to a specific purpose, defects related to security, errors, glitches, and infringements or rights). The Company shall not be obligated to remove the service of such defects upon provision of the service.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the Client due to the use of the service. However, in the case that the service contract between the Company and the Client (including these terms) is considered a consumer contract under the Consumer Contract Act of Japan, this clause shall not be applicable.
  5. Even in cases that fit the conditions noted in above article 15(4), the Company shall not be responsible for damages caused to the Client in special circumstances (cases where the Company or the Client had, or could have foreseen the damage) due to a default of the Company or illegal activity by the Company caused by the Company's fault (excluding gross negligence). Furthermore, the limit of compensation for damages caused to the Client due to a default of the Company or illegal activity by the Company caused by the Company's fault (excluding gross negligence) is the amount of fees paid by the Client during the month the damages were made.
Article 16 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Where the Company has provided Users with a translation of the Japanese language version of the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Japanese Version"), the Japanese Version will govern the relationship between Users and the Company. In the event of a contradiction between the Japanese Version and a translation, the provisions in the Japanese Version shall take precedence over any other translation.
The Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
In the case of any dispute arising out of or relating to the Terms of Use, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the agreed upon exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first instance.
Article 17 Contact means
  1. Communications from the Company to the Clients regarding the service will be made through display in the appropriate location within the website run by the company, as well as any other means deemed appropriate by the company.
  2. Communications from the Clients to the Company shall be made through the contact form located in the appropriate location within the website run by the company, as well as any other methods indicated by the company.
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